San Diego California, December 31, 2019 – International Process Solutions or “IPS” is well known throughout California as being the premier instrument calibration service. With four accredited laboratories operating within California the company works along side businesses, independent contractors, and even hobbyists; restoring their instruments to proper working order through rigorous and precise calibrations. What many of the aforementioned persons and those new to the community might be unaware of however is that IPS offers additional services that are meant to compliment their calibration services.

“Fine tuning important instruments is only the tip of the iceberg at IPS. Customers that need calibration also require validation, complete care process management, and document creation. Moreover, our database management services will set up reports and alerts for our customers. These reports tell clients when their instruments are due for calibration which takes neglect and oversight out of the equation. Our customers are often surprised to learn that IPS also offers lab relocation support as well. In this service, our team runs an inventory, handles pre and post-move calibrations, and even helps disconnect and shut down the equipment that’s vital to our customers’ business.” says IPS founder and owner, Eric Cote.

Further enticing potential residents of the San Diego area, IPS offers its customers multiple pick up and return options. As the keys to excellence in the calibration industry are speed and accuracy, IPS not only provides its customers with a multitude of options in this regard but it also offers both laboratory and in field calibration services. While its laboratory services allow for proper calibration of the most sensitive of instruments, on site services place IPS team members at a job site as often and as long as a customer needs them. This keeps a business’ tools on location and gets them back in the hands of employees quickly.

“Every business, individual, and instrument has wildly different needs. All of them however need comprehensive, trusted, and error free calibration. By offering the aforementioned “miscellaneous” services, IPS makes itself a one stop shop for any person or business with tools that require some TLC.” further adds Mr. Cote

About San Diego Calibration Lab at IPS

IPS is a full service calibration firm and founded by persons whom cut their teeth in various biotech industries. As such, the owners of IPS have experienced everything that their customers do and therefore adhere to the highest standards of customer service and integrity. More to the point, IPS employs only the most skilled and experienced of technicians in order to provide both a high quality service and for its customers peace of mind.

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