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Calibration Services in Los Angeles

There are many Los Angeles calibration services throughout Southern California but none of them are as focused nor as dedicated as is International Process Solutions. Our commitment to excellence and meeting the specific needs of those in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are second none. Our commitment to superior service begins with our employees. Each member of our team receives both in house training as well as training through external organizations to ensure that you receive only the best care. This approach allows us to provide exceptional service to an industry that requires excellence and the highest levels of accuracy. We ensure that your business remains in compliance with industry regulations.

calibration services in california
Calibration in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Carlos and San Diego

What We Check

In the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries, your equipment is of the utmost importance. It therefore stands to reason that you’ll want only the very best inspecting and calibrating the tools your business utilizes day after day. IPS provides the most thorough and comprehensive calibration services and works with all aspects of your hardware to ensure they remain operating optimally. We check and calibrate all of the following:

  • Pressure Calibration
  • Dimensional Calibration
  • Gas Flow Calibration
  • Liquid Flow Calibration
  • pH Calibration
  • Relative humidity, dew point Calibration
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Electronics Calibration
  • …and much more!

On And Off Site Calibration Services in Los Angeles

IPS provides support and calibration services at your facility/place of business. We understand that every company has very different needs which is why our technicians can visit your facility twice a year or remain on site every day to ensure your quality of services and that you are always up to regulation standards. Whatever the unique needs of your company may be, IPS has got you covered.

For those clients whom require specialized testing of their equipment IPS offers lab/off site calibration services. Instruments that often require such care include DMM’s, ultra low vacuum, RH standards, those that reference pressure instruments, and UV photometric standards. Our lab technicians work quickly and with great attention to detail so that your equipment returns to service as soon as possible. Our lab calibrated instruments are returned to their businesses both meeting regulations and operating accurately; their dependability and reliability unmatched.

mobile calibration services, we can come to you

Experience And Customer Service

As previously mentioned, we are adept at meeting the different needs of every customer we work with. Additionally, we service businesses of all sizes. Be it a small start up company just getting off the ground, a mid-sized operation, or a fortune 500 company, IPS does it all.

Having worked within the pharma and biotech industries prior to IPS’ inception, our owners have experienced all of the ups and downs our own customers experience. As such IPS places an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. This shared experience between our owners and our customers creates and empathy that resonates throughout our services and constantly reminds of us of our commitment to excellence. Everyone employed at IPS has a passion for what they do and this in turn produces the type of results that not only meet the exceptions of our customers but exceeds them as well. It is through our passion and experience that we have created the ultimate in Los Angeles calibration services.

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Calibration services in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Carlos