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San Carlos Calibration Lab Services

Professionals that utilize instruments in their work depend on them to deliver accurate and very precise measurements. Whether it is a hygrometer, moisture meter,  or a device that measures electrical currents, these instruments must be in proper working order if they are to produce the type of results they are expected to. When such instruments are not properly calibrated customers can suffer and there is even risk of physical harm involved.

To avoid improper measurements in any field, instruments must be calibrated regularly. IPS offers calibration services to businesses of all sizes, independent business persons, and even hobbyists. Our experienced and talented staff can return instruments to proper working order very quickly. Even better, we offer multiple calibration solutions in an effort to reduce down time and to put instruments back into working hands expediently.

IPS has a long history of assisting businesses all over California. With 3 accredited laboratories in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos communities, businesses in and around the aforementioned cities can conveniently have their instruments calibrated both quickly and precisely.

calibration services in california
Calibration in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Carlos and San Diego

On Site Calibration Services

At IPS we understand that some instruments are much to valuable to an operation to be sent out or away for calibration. In such instances we offer our customers on site calibration services. These services see a member or a team from our staff remain at the customers job site so that instruments can be calibrated with as much frequency as needed. Our staff can remain on site for days, weeks, or for the entire duration of a project/job.

Laboratory Calibration Services

Some instruments require a much more sensitive and meticulous touch when it comes to calibration. Such tools can be sent to one of our accredited laboratories where they will be placed in instrument specific environments and calibrated by our most experienced team members using state of the art equipment. IPS customers can bring their instruments directly to our labs or may elect to have them shipped to us. Moreover, after instruments have been calibrated, IPS offers customers a number of different return options.

mobile calibration services, we can come to you

The IPS Difference

There are a great number of calibration services throughout California. Knowing this, IPS strives to differentiate itself from its competitors in a number of ways. First and foremost, customer service and satisfaction serve as the base of our operation. By delivering results that are both reliable and dependable the team at IPS ensures that its customers businesses continue operating smoothly and safely without any significant delays. Furthermore, IPS seeks to build a strong rapport with its customers. A good rapport fosters and bolsters both confidence and trust in our team and services. 

Send your best auditor our way. We will knock their socks off.

Calibration Lab in San Carlos
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Northern California calibration lab is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited. This fully capable general purpose lab can calibrate most electrical, optical, and Mechanical instruments. We also offer mobile calibration services.

Calibration services in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Carlos


1300 Industrial Road #22
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