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Calibration Services California

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Northern California Calibration Services

When it comes to the success of a business, the performance of a company’s tools and instruments is everything. Whether it’s a torque wrench or thermal camera a business needs its instruments to produce the most precise measurements lest it be faced with a whole host of negative consequences. To ensure that instruments remain in proper working order, IPS offers Northern California calibration services to businesses of all sizes as well as individuals whose work depends on accurate measurements.

IPS has a long history of assisting businesses all over California. With 4 accredited laboratories in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos communities, businesses in and around the aforementioned cities can conveniently have their instruments calibrated both quickly and precisely.

calibration services in california
Calibration in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Carlos and San Diego

New Instrument Calibration

While many businesses repeatedly utilize tried and tested tools in their daily operation, there inevitably comes a time when new tools must enter the fray. New however doesn’t necessarily mean “ready for use” and as such new tools must be calibrated before they can be put into service. The team at IPS has calibrated thousands of new tools for its customers over the course of its existence and has helped many a business and individual deliver consistent and dependable results with new tools.

On Site Calibrations

Many times laboratory calibrations are not an option for a business or individual. In those instances where persons need their instruments to remain on site, IPS can station a team member or an entire team at a job site for any duration a customer deems necessary. Our technicians can perform delicate and precise calibrations out in the field and do so quickly as well. Our on site calibration services are designed to keep our customers tools in their hands and on the job as often as possible.

mobile calibration services, we can come to you

Laboratory Calibrations

There are many different types of instruments that require calibration and some of these are simply too sensitive to be calibrated in the field. Other times instruments are measuring so improperly that field work is not enough to get them back to proper working order. Such instruments can be sent to one of our accredited labs. IPS operates four laboratories within the San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos communities. The most sensitive instruments as well as those in need of great TLC can either be brought directly to us or shipped to one of our locations. It is at these locations that our customers’ instruments undergo the most rigorous testing and are calibrated in environments designed specifically for precision. Furthermore, our labs are equipped with everything our technicians need to calibrate all manner of instruments.

Pick Up And Delivery

In order to make things as convenient as possible for our customers IPS offers a number of different pick up and delivery options. Of course businesses and individuals can deliver their instruments directly to us or they can have them shipped in. Additionally, IPS offers expedited delivery options to meet the critical demands of its customers. Once instruments have been calibrated customers can choose from a number of return options. Instruments can be delivered to customers directly or via any method of shipping.

Calibration services in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Carlos
Calibration services you can count on

Why International Process Solutions?

IPS strives to set itself apart from its competitors in a number of ways. The first way we do this is by placing a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction. In order to ensure all of customers are satisfied our technicians produce the most reliable results in the industry. Secondly, we offer a type of customer service that isn’t readily found in our industry. We connect with our customers so as to better understand their needs and urgency. This also helps build a strong trust between us and those who come to depend on our Northern California calibration services. When you and/or your business needs reliable, fast, and attentive calibration services, IPS delivers like no other firm can.

When you email or call – we respond quickly, thoroughly, and with care. We believe your success is pivotal to our own.

We treat your company with the level of urgency and care we treat our own.

Send your best auditor our way. We will knock their socks off.

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Northern California calibration lab is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited. This fully capable general purpose lab can calibrate most electrical, optical, RF Microwave, and Mechanical instruments. We also offer mobile calibration services.


Calibration Services California


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