Process Meter Calibration and Multifunction Calibrator Services

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Process Meter Calibration and Multifunction Calibrator Services

In order to properly test and access instruments you need reliable and very precise equipment. IPS utilizes state of the art tools in testing and keeping multifunctional calibrators and process meters operating at their manufacturers specifications. This in turn helps ensure you business operates smoothly and helps you avoid the many problems that plague businesses whom don’t have their instruments calibrated. IPS assists businesses that rely heavily on their equipment day in and day out. We provide comprehensive calibration services both on site and in our lab. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence in customer service means all our clients are treated like VIP’s. Our technicians will test and address issues with pressure, temperature, electrical, and frequency so that your business can continue to operate without issue. If reliability, integrity, and accuracy are important to you and your business, you’ll be happy to know that IPS has all of your calibration needs covered.

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Calibration in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Carlos and San Diego

Why Choose IPS For Process Meter Calibration Services?

There are any number of calibration services available in most areas but IPS strives to set itself apart from it’s competitors with both unparalleled customer service and services that exceeds the expectations of its customers. Our staff is made up entirely of highly trained and experienced individuals who work with unprecedented precision. IPS ensures that your business avoids downtime, risks, unplanned/unscheduled maintenance, and delivers high quality service to its customers through exceptionally faultless calibration services. Our technicians operate both at your place of business and in our lab to ensure that your equipment receives the very best in care.

IPS offers the following:

  • Precision tuning of diagnostic instruments such as handhelds, bench, and documenting processors.
  • ISO and IEC accredited laboratory capabilities in all disciplines. These include Dimensional, Electrical, Life Science, Physical, and Reference Level.
  • Datasheets and consistent calibration process throughout our entire laboratory and office. Our entire staff adheres to the same disciplines and standards.
  • Meticulous investigations of any and all unexpected results so as to ensure company wide accuracy and proper functionality.

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Fast and Efficient Calibration Services

IPS takes customer satisfaction very seriously. As such it constantly strives to deliver not only the most accurate of calibration services but the quickest as well. Fast service translates into less down time for your instruments and by extension…your business. Being that the risks and costs associated with improper measurements are far greater than calibration services we want to help your business stay within industry and legal regulations/requirements. In order to make calibration of your instruments as speedy as possible we work both in our lab and can leave our technicians at your place of business daily.

One Single Source

In an effort to simplify things, IPS aims to be your one stop shop for all things involving your equipment. This is why we also offer validation, documentation, lab relocation, and database management services alongside our calibration services. In putting all these services under one large umbrella, we give our customers the opportunity to eliminate the hassles that often go hand in hand when working with multiple contractors. IPS has experienced and dedicated teams in place that are ready to handle all your business’ unique needs.

Calibration services in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Carlos
mobile calibration services, we can come to you

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