Our focus is on GMPs.

No calibration service provider is as focused on cGMPs as we are. Our quality system is designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. All of our employees are provided cGMP training facilitated by external organizations, as well as in-house training, to ensure that our operations meet the demanding needs of regulatory compliance in support of life sciences companies.


  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity, dew point
  • Electronics
  • pH
  • Gas Flow
  • Liquid Flow
  • Dimensional
  • ... and more!

On-site calibration

We provide calibration support at your facility. We can support companies of widely differing needs: do you need our services only twice a year for a few instruments, or do you need multiple technicians on-site every day? We can handle your needs.

Lab services / Off-site calibration

Specialized test and measurement equipment is calibrated in either of our 2 calibration laboratories. Instruments that are in this category include DMMs, ultra-low vacuum, RH standards, reference pressure instruments, and UV photometric standards, to name a few.

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