San Diego, CA – International Process Solution announced earlier in the week that the company has started rolling out its state-of-the-art pipette calibration. The pipette calibration will be done using the latest equipment to ensure accurate calibration. The company has said that they
have the best team in the industry that will handle calibrating pipettes from various manufacturers. If anything, it gives labs the opportunity to get excellent calibration services in the shortest time possible without sending them back to the manufacturer.

Every veteran lab technician and metrology specialist knows that consistent pipette calibration is essential, especially because it ensures better quality results that save money on reagents. Being off by even a tiny margin can create a significant error in the lab. The average pipette requires
calibration at least once a year, with many biotech companies needing scheduled semiannual calibration.

Readers can learn more about International Process Solution’s Pipette Calibration by visiting

International Process Solutions mentioned in the official press release that the company would provide both onsite and remote calibration services. In addition, businesses can always trust the company to provide excellent quality customer service, which makes it quicker to send it to IPS
instead of back to the equipment’s manufacturer.

“We are proud to be offering pipette calibration; it has been something we have been working on for a while. If anything, we will be one of the few professionals that offer this level of calibration. In fact, we aren’t aware of anyone else that can calibrate a pipette more accurately.” Said a representative for International Process Solution.

She added, “We are ready to start accepting orders and requests right away. That said, if you need a machine that needs to be calibrated, you can count on us to help you. Feel free to get in touch with us for a quote.”

About IPS 
International Process Solutions was founded by a veteran of both the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The company has, over the years, gained a great deal of experience with just about everything that customers need to do their jobs. IPS has forged strong relationships with many
commercial manufacturing businesses labs, R & D companies, and other businesses that are becoming the go-to resource for all their calibration needs. Serving San Diego, San Carlos, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

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