San Diego California, April 19th 2020 – Having long been a leader in the calibration industry of California, International Process Solutions or “IPS” is reintroducing the public to its ISO 17025 accredited services. Instrument calibration services are not difficult to find but not every technician is an accredited one and hiring such an individual or firm can be both dangerous and costly. Being ISO 17025 accredited guarantees that your labs are maintaining industry standards, has documented management procedures that ensure management and delivery consistency, and a continuing and evolving process for monitoring and implementing changes that improve quality and efficacy. For businesses that rely on accurate tools and measurements there is nothing more important than ISO 17025 accreditation.

“Being in the business of calibrating and fine tuning important tools and instruments, IPS understands that accuracy and precision are the two most important aspects of our work. The people that come to us for help not only want their tools to measure and read properly but they want peace of mind as well. By maintaining the highest standards in both our work in our laboratories and in the field, IPS has earned and retained ISO 17025 accreditation for a great many years and continues to provide both existing and potential customers with the peace of mind and sureness that they seek.” says IPS owner Eric Cote.

IPS is a calibration service that puts customer service and satisfaction above all else and therefore places a heavy emphasis on exactitude and quality of work. IPS employs calibration technicians that are capable of working both in one of the firms 4 California based laboratories and out in the field at their customers’ places of business. Regardless of where IPS techs perform their work however, the quality of their work remains the highest priority and continually work at or above the high standards set by ISO 17025 accreditors.

“Our team is constantly striving to exceed the requirements associated with ISO 17025 accreditors not only to uphold our company’s impeccable reputation for accuracy but because they love what they do and have worked in both pharmaceutical and biotech industries prior to working for IPS. This means that our technicians are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but have been in the shoes of our customers too.” adds Mr. Cote.

About International Process Solutions

IPS is a full service instrument calibration service that works with companies of all sizes as well as individuals whom operate independently or work as hobbyists. The company owns and operates 4 laboratories in California and has a team dedicated to field work for convenience and rapidity. Built on a foundation of efficiency, integrity, and accuracy IPS is constantly exceeding the expectations of it’s customers and works diligently to establish long term relationships with those it helps.

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