Torque wrenches are tools that specialists in a multitude of industries use. Some industries where torque wrenches are commonly used are industrial, automotive fields, aviation, and construction. It is also used in the clean energy and renewable industry. However, to ensure that torque wrenches continue to work as they are meant to, they need to be tested and carefully calibrated after some time. Most work that relies on torque wrenches mandates that they are precise. Also, in many industries working with optimized tools means security and safety.

Torque wrenches need to be regularly tested to ensure that they do the job right, ranging from working on assembly lines to installing industrial equipment. Professional calibration for individuals and businesses ensures that their torque wrenches perform efficiently with accuracy.

Highly Precise Calibration

At IPS, we have a talented, experienced, and certified team of individuals. That’s why we can ensure that your torque wrenches continue to work perfectly. Our professional calibration ensures that your torque wrench accurately measures the torque and allows fasteners of various types to be tightened with the correct tension.

Suffice to say that torque wrenches which aren’t calibrated lead to joint failure. That’s why we will keep your tools working correctly and precisely so that your business continues to deliver excellent quality results.

We Calibrate All Torque Wrenches

IPS has a team of specialists who can test and calibrate many different torque wrenches in San Diego, California. We offer accredited calibration services for both high and low torque applications. Our team also works with pneumatic, hydraulic, and digital torque wrenches.

IPS has the team needed to calibrate your tools on-site, or we can do it at our labs, which is especially important if additional care is needed during the calibration process. Our specialists will offer suggestions based on the initial analysis. We also consider your business’s unique needs before deciding what type of calibration and care is needed for your torque wrenches.

We regularly calibrate torque wrenches from leaching brands like Norbar, Stahwille, Milwaukee Tools, and more. In addition, we can work with torque calibration capabilities of around 250 ft/lbs, usually carried out at your laboratory.

A Heavy Duty Service

Our torque wrench services will test and calibrate force, mass, and weight. You can trust that our staff takes every measure needed to ensure highly accurate calibration. In addition, we customize the work we do to meet your needs or the needs of every business. Our rigorous accuracy testing for torque wrenches can be done in as few as seven days to ensure that your business continues to operate without a hiccup.

Give Us A Call

IPS prides itself on providing excellent quality services to businesses across San Diego. Booking our torque wrench calibration is quick and easy. However, you can also get in touch with our customer service representative to arrange for a pickup of your torque wrenches for calibration. In addition, we will be more than happy to answer any questions. Learn more about the basics of torque wrench calibration.

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