International Process Solutions has announced that businesses can now hire the company for low humidity calibration services. IPS joins a small group of labs to offer the service in California. San Diego, CA – International Process Solutions (IPS) has announced that the company now offers Accredited Calibration, using one of its several chambers capable of generating relative humidity of around 95% for reference. The company follows all Standard Operating Procedures. The so-called “As Found” and “As Left” results are standard practices by the company. IPS calibrate numerous humidity devices, including humidity meters, hygrometers, environment monitors, dew point meters, and chart records. Also, the company can calibrate devices by numerous manufacturers such as Extech, Diskson, Fluke, Vaisala and General Eastern, amongst others. Humidity calibration, as the term suggests, has to do with the amount of water present in the air. So, relative humidity is defined as the amount of water in the air in relation to the maximum amount of vapor or moisture. Sensors designed to measure humidity have to be calibrated regularly to ensure they operate within the defined specifications. The calibration is done using an instrument referred to as a humidity generator. Expensive humidity generators are used to calibrate humidity sensors across a myriad of devices. There are two types of humidity generators, with the mixed flow generator being the most commonly used. It works by controlling the humidity by slit streaming. Dry gas is first drawn into the generator, which is then split into two parts. Typically the mixed flow generator is seen as being than the other type of generator used and also more portable, which makes it an excellent solution for on-site calibration. Readers can find out more about IPS’ Low Humidity Calibration services by visiting “Our low humidity calibration is extremely precise, and we use the latest calibration equipment to make it possible. Regardless of your industry, accurately calibrated tools and equipment are key to efficient processing. That’s why we continue to be the company of choice for business owners that rely on accuracy to improve efficiency and quality at the production and research level.” Said a representative for IPS. About International Process Solutions Founded by biotech and pharmaceutical industry veterans, IPS has the experience and expertise to offer a wide range of calibration solutions. IPS has, over the years, worked with many businesses in the R&D and manufacturing industry, assuring each client of highly reliable and excellent quality off-site and on-site third-party calibration. Calibration services in San Carlos, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

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