The announcement was made early last week and will mean that the company will send a team over to calibrate equipment onsite for just about any type of business.

San Diego, CAInternational Process Solutions (IPS) announced that companies will now be able to book an onsite calibration. IPS provides services to mainly the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, where precise calibration is imperative to the quality of research and overall production capabilities. The company’s field capabilities include liquid flow, pressure, mass, temperature, gas flow, humidity, vacuum, PH and conductivity etc.
International Process Solutions also helps companies troubleshoot common issues with instruments. The company also has the expertise to replace failed or failing hardware, re-configure machines and perform upgrades.

In the past, businesses would have to get machines that require calibration delivered to International Process Solutions’ labs for calibration. The calibration would then be carried out by a team of specialists, depending on the machine in question. However, with the announcement of onsite calibration, businesses can potentially save hundreds of dollars in the way of transportation and downtime. The team sent over is equipped to perform the necessary calibration procedures needed on the machine. According to the company, “we send over a team, we get it right the first time.”

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“We see onsite calibration as a major step forward for our business, not only because we are making it immensely easy for companies to hire the best calibration service but also save money and time in the process.” Said a spokesperson for International Process Solutions.

She added, “We’ve been asked to offer onsite calibration for quite some time now. However, there were mainly logistical challenges that needed to be met for us to offer a service that we can be proud of. If anything, many if not all businesses will see that our onsite calibration is just as good as if their machines were sent to our labs for calibration.”

About International Process Solutions

IPS was founded by people from the biotech and pharma industry. The company is amongst the most highly reputed third-party onsite calibration and maintenance service providers. IPS employs the very best, most professional calibration experts and uses the latest technology to ensure the most accurate calibration for many machines in numerous industries. Companies can schedule onsite calibration by contacting the company directly over the phone or via their website.

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