San Diego, California – International Process Solution’s offers pipette calibration services to Southern and Northern California. Regular maintenance and calibration of your pipettes are important to their proper performance, precision, and accuracy. We provide certified calibration services for all pipettes, ranging from quick, affordable calibration to GMP custom customized services.

Just about every technician and specialist understands that precise calibration is required, especially since so much hinges on ensuring excellent quality results. Precise pipette calibration can help labs save money on reagents because even a slight deviation of a tiny margin can lead to a significant error in the lab. Plus, there are many types of lab equipment that require calibration at least once every year, with others in the biotech industry needing semiannual calibration.

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IPS has many skilled pipette calibration experts on staff. Plus, businesses can always trust that the company will continue to provide highly accurate calibration, which is far quicker and more efficient than referring to the equipment’s manufacturer.

“We are dedicated to providing high-quality, highly precise calibration services to our clients across myriad industries. Every client can be assured of the same level of service and attention to detail as they have come to expect from us over the years.” Read the official press release announcing a string of calibration services, both remote and onsite.

A spokesperson for IPS added, “Calibration is one of the most important parts of running any machine, and just about every lab technician understands that. However, achieving highly accurate calibration is easier said than done, but we make this possible.”

About International Process Solutions (IPS)

International Process Solutions founders came from the biotech and pharma industries. That’s why the company has experience across so many different jobs. The company has worked in every industry, from commercial manufacturing to the R&D industry. IPS has worked with companies taking things through clinical trials where there were previously no other reliable third-party options for maintenance and on-site calibration. The company has earned a reputation for providing excellent quality work for an affordable price.

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