San Diego California, December 30, 2019 – California’s most reliable instrument calibration firm, IPS, now affords its customers the opportunity to have their most important instruments calibrated on site. Understanding that any tool requiring calibration is vital to the continued operation and success of a business or project, IPS sends its team members to its customers location where they are stationed for as long as a customers and/or their tools deem necessary.

“In all our years of operation, we’ve never seen an individual unconcerned with sending their instruments out for calibration. While the environment in a laboratory allows for unparalleled fine tuning, instruments must be sent out, calibrated, and then delivered back to our customers. This process can take longer than people with deadlines and needs want, so in order to remedy this, our customers can request that a technician or an entire team of them remain at their job site or place of business. Customers can expect the highest level of and most precise calibrations when performed on site. Best of all…instruments don’t have to be sent away and can be back in the hands of employees and in operation in short span of time.” says IPS owner Eric Cote.

In an effort to make things as convenient as possible, IPS offers free quotes and its technicians are available 27/7/365. This means that a business or individual in the San Diego area can utilize IPS’s mobile calibration services no matter their operating hours or when they are needed. In conjunction with it’s mobile services, IPS also offers emergency services because the needs of vital instruments aren’t restricted to traditional business hours.

“At IPS we know just how valuable your instruments are and that having them out for service for days or weeks at a time just isn’t acceptable. Moreover, there are some instruments that simply require frequent calibration in order to continue operating properly. The presence and performance of our customers’ instruments might also impact safety so IPS does what it can to keep these tools on site and in proper working order” further adds Mr. Cote.

About IPS

IPS offers the most comprehensive instrument calibration services in all of California and was founded by people who have experienced everything their customers deal with on a daily basis. They therefore go to great lengths to not only provide the most reliable mobile calibration services in the state but put customer care and satisfaction above all else. With laboratories and teams of technicians in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos communities businesses, hobbyists, and independent contractors will have no problem finding a reliable calibration service that meets their needs.

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