San Diego, Ca – September 29, 2019 – International Process Solutions or “IPS” is proud to announce the opening of their third location in California. This time the company has opened a laboratory in San Diego in order to better service businesses throughout Southern California. With labs already operating in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos areas IPS now provides instrument calibration services to all the major metropolitan areas in California.

“Businesses that rely or depend on their tools and instruments are going to want to have them calibrated on a regular basis to ensure they are in proper working order. Tools that aren’t calibrated can cost a business more than money and can do serious harm to people and customers. IPS has always sought to not only provide the most comprehensive and dependable calibration services in California but the most accessible as well. Now with our new lab in San Diego, there’s a local lab in every major area of SoCal.” says IPS owner Eric Cote.

IPS provides both businesses of all sizes and individuals with GMP calibration & validation services. All work is carried out by extensively trained and highly experienced teams. Quality, precision, and care are at the core of IPS’ business model which translates into dependable and reliable calibration services. Additionally but not surprisingly, IPS also provides its customers with documentation alongside its other services in all of their accredited laboratories.

Mr. Cote further stated, “Whether it’s pressure gauges, torque wrenches, or anything in between IPS has seen it all and successfully restored tools to proper working order. Being able to offer our services to the residents in and around San Diego is exciting to us because it means more businesses have an opportunity to have their instruments tested and calibrated by the best in the industry.”

About International Process Solutions

IPS is a company that specializes in the calibration of both business related and personal tools. It offers both on site and laboratory services for the most sensitive of instruments and offers multiple return options so that businesses can stay functional and operate as efficiently as possible. With labs operating all over California, IPS strives to provide the very best in calibration services along side an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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