Power Quality Analyzer Calibrations

Power quality analyzers are used by professionals to measure and identify energy waste in a facility or work area. The readings they provide allow professionals to devise plans that eliminate waste and maximize power in any given location. In order to properly read power/energy however, these instruments must undergo calibration at regular intervals. Neglecting power quality analyzers will result in their poor inaccurate performance and can be dangerous as well.

At IPS we understand just how important it is for businesses and contractors to have tools on hand that are reliable. Our power quality analyzer calibration services are fast, precise, and customized to fit the very specific needs of every customer we work with. Our technicians test and calibrate all makes of power quality analyzers and can restore all of them to proper working order. Whether it's power quality analyzers from Fluke, Megger, AEMC, Hioki, Amprobe, or some other model of analyzer, the stellar staff at IPS has all of your calibration needs covered.

Accredited Laboratories

In order to best serve those in need of power quality analyzer calibration service, IPS operates 4 accredited labs throughout California. These labs in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos communities calibrate the most sensitive and important of instruments and are equipped to handle any job. Our lab technicians will verify power supply measurements based on the specifications of an instrument and will provide a calibration service that's traceable to national and international standards. Once calibrations have been completed IPS offers its customers a whole host of return shipping options that are designed to put analyzers back in their hands both quickly and safely.

On Site Calibrations

There are certainly scenarios where a business can not afford to send their power quality analyzers out for calibration and those where calibration may be a frequent necessity. Because such situations exist, IPS offers on site calibration services to businesses, contractors, and even individuals. These services allow our customers to keep members of our team on site daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Our technicians perform on site calibrations very quickly so that our customers instruments remain accurate and on the job.

The Smart Choice for Calibration

Power quality analyzers are an integral part of many different types of businesses and work. As such those in need of calibration want, need, and expect nothing but the best. IPS offers the most comprehensive and precise calibration services in all of California. We work with a broad scope of measurement parameters, offer tractability to SI units through NIST, provide ISO 9001-compliant calibrations with an a strong emphasis on high quality work and an unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

In addition to providing the most reliable calibration services, IPS also seeks to build a strong rapport with all of its customers. We believe that in providing both a dependable and personable service, trust, peace of mind, and confidence are bolstered in our customers. Having a trusted set of hands working to ensure your instruments are measuring accurately is invaluable.

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