Dry Block Calibration

Masonry is a field in which precise measurements, weights, and temperatures are crucial to both proper construction as well as safety. It therefore should come as no surprise that a mason will need to have his/her tools calibrated regularly so as to ensure both of the aforementioned. A mason wants to have 100% confidence in the tools they utilize and IPS can give them that through comprehensive and the most accurate dry block calibration services in California.

The team at IPS works both on site and in accredited laboratories all over California in order to deliver the very best in calibrating dry block calibrators. When working on site, our team performs quick and accurate dry block calibrations while our lab work is reserved for instruments that require extra sensitive care. It is in our labs that we prepare dry block equipment for their demanding workloads and optimal accuracy.

The IPS Difference

IPS strives to deliver unparalleled calibration services through various means.

  • Reliability - Customers benefit from our accredited labs, industry leading expertise, and meticulous quality control measures.
  • Convenience - IPS not only travels to job sites for convenience but operates 4 laboratories in California. Customers in and around San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos can bring their instruments to or have them shipped to us. Once calibration has been completed we offer our customers multiple return shipping options.
  • Efficiency - Manage calibrations online and track progress.
  • Flexibility - IPS works around the clock calibrating your instruments and offers emergency services as well. Additionally, our customers can request that our team or specific individuals remain on site daily, or as often as they are needed for the ultimate in dry block calibration.
  • Customized Calibration - IPS understands that no two businesses nor individuals have the same needs. Different dry block calibrators have unique workloads and are tailor to specific jobs. We therefore customize our calibration service to meet the idiosyncratic needs of every customer and instrument.
  • Timely Turnaround - Businesses can ill afford delays and downtime. This is why IPS' dry block calibration services are completed quickly. Moreover, IPS will expedite calibrations that might be unplanned and crucial to a business' operation.

Cutting Downtime

The dry block calibration services offered by IPS are designed to be supportive of your company's productivity and eliminate downtime. We do this by utilizing a NIST-traceable reference thermometer in the calibration process. This thermometer is inserted into the calibrators heated well which gives us a precise temperature reading. We then use this reading to calibrate the dry well display. Through this method IPS also calibrates industrial ovens, baths, and of course...furnaces. IPS regularly exceeds industry calibration guidelines with:

  • ISO 17025 accredited temperature calibration
  • Quality systems based on ISO 9001:2000 compliance
  • Accreditation as a Reference Laboratory in the Temperature discipline
  • Standards that are traceable to NIST, national or international sources, or physical constants

Free Quotes

For further convenience and to assist with decisive decision making, IPS offers free quotes. Distinguished dry block calibration services don't have to be overly expensive nor should those in need ever be forced to sign on for a service whose price is ambiguous or in flux. Our free quotes come without any obligation whatsoever and IPS never changes its quoted prices on any job.

Why Choose IPS?

IPS emphasizes customer service and satisfaction above all else. It's calibration services are not only impeccably precise and reliable but they are personable as well. Our entire staff is made up of individuals who not only excel at their craft but seek to build a rapport with our customers as well. We believe this modus operandi facilitates/bolsters trust and confidence in our customers, both existing and potential.

Service so good - it will make you look great.

When you email or call - we respond quickly, thoroughly, and with care. We believe your success is pivotal to our own.

We treat your company with the level of urgency and care we treat our own.

We have locations all around California to serve you! San Diego, Orange County and San Carlos!

Send your best auditor our way. We will knock their socks off.

Proudly serving Northern California and Southern California including San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Carlos, and surrounding areas.
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