Torque Wrench Calibration Services

Torque wrenches are invaluable tools that are utilized by specialists in a broad range of industries. These include automotive fields, industrial, construction, aviation, and even those whose focus is renewable and clean energy. In order to ensure that torque wrenches continue working as they should they'll need to be tested and calibrated regularly. All of the aforementioned fields of work depend on reliable and accurate tools. In many scenarios, working with optimized tools is a matter of safety and security.

Regular testing of torque wrenches ensures that these invaluable tools do their job on everything from assembly lines to industrial installations. IPS has been calibrating torque wrenches for individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout California for years and in that time has earned a reputation as the most reliable torque wrench calibration service in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos communities.

Precise Calibration

IPS' team is made up of individuals whom are both talented and experienced. This means that you can expect your torque wrenches to function perfectly when our work is done. Properly calibrated, a torque wrench will accurately measure torque and allow fasteners of all types to be tightened with just the right amount of tension. Conversely, torque wrenches that aren't calibrated will often be the cause of joint connection failure. We will keep your high functioning and critical tools working properly and precisely so that your business can continue delivering high quality results to its clientele.

Calibrating All Torque Wrenches

IPS has specialists on staff that can test and calibrate the many different types of torque wrenches that exist. We offer accredited calibrations high to low torque applications and regularly work with digital, pneumatic, and hydraulic torque wrenches. Moreover, our experts can calibrate your tools on site and can deliver them to one of our labs for additional care when needed. While our specialists will offer suggestions based on their initial analyses, they will also take your businesses unique needs into consideration before deciding what type of care and calibration your torque wrenches need.

We repair and calibrate torque wrenches from Stahwille, Wright Tool, Norbar, Milwaukee Tools, and a great many more.

We precisely calibrate torque transducer devices in multiple configurations.

We work with torque calibration capabilities up to 20,000 ft.lbs which is done in one of our laboratories.

All of our labs are ISO 17025-accredited and available throughout California.

Many on our staff are ASQ Certified Calibration Technicians and produce results that you and your business can rely on.

Heavy Duty Service

IPS is an accredited provider of torque wrench services that test and calibrate weight, force, and mass. When your tools require re-calibration, you can trust the staff and capabilities of IPS. We customize our work to meet the very specific needs of every business and tool. Furthermore, our rigorous accuracy testing for torque wrenches is often completed in as little as 7 days so that your business can continue operating without any hiccups or bumps in the road while a tool is out for calibration. Once your torque wrenches have been re-calibrated, IPS offers multiple pick up and delivery options, all of which ensure the safe return of your tools.

The IPS Difference

A good deal of calibration services talk about just how great their services are, which is important but so many overlook the value of providing great customer service. While it's certainly true that IPS delivers the very best in Torque Wrench Calibration Services all over California, we also place a heavy emphasis and focus on being a personable service. We strive to build a good rapport with all of our customers which in turn fosters trust and peace of mind. We aren't happy unless our customers are and therefor go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are happy, comfortable, and above all else...satisfied.

Service so good - it will make you look great.

When you email or call - we respond quickly, thoroughly, and with care. We believe your success is pivotal to our own.

We treat your company with the level of urgency and care we treat our own.

Send your best auditor our way. We will knock their socks off.

Proudly serving Northern California and Southern California including San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Carlos, and surrounding areas.
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