Oscilloscope Calibration Services

Oscilloscope are sophisticated machines that displays changes in electrical signals over time. Used in various science fields, medicine, engineering, as well as the automotive and communications industries, oscilloscopes or "Scopes" as they are colloquially known, are critical to any business that employs them. Scopes must provide their users with precise information consistently in order to ensure that proper and quality work is carried out. Like all instruments however, oscilloscopes need to be fine tuned or calibrated in order to keep them accurate and reliable. At IPS we provide ISO 17025 accredited oscilloscope calibrations and help keep businesses that rely on their instruments operating smoothly.

Accredited Laboratories

IPS has accredited laboratories in 4 locations and assists businesses not only in those locations but neighboring areas as well. Instruments brought to our San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos locations will undergo the most thorough and rigorous testing and calibration services. Our customers demand the highest levels of accuracy and dependability and we deliver these things in spades. IPS has a talented and highly experienced staff that can calibrate all manners of oscilloscopes. These include those from manufacturers such as Tektronix, B&K Precision, Instek, Keysight/Agilent, Rigol, and many more. We also routinely calibrate oscilloscopes of the analog, dual channel, digital, and multi channel varieties. When our customers' oscilloscopes are returned to them their functionality is at its highest possible level.

Field Calibrations

Not all oscilloscopes need to be calibrated in one of our labs nor can some businesses afford to have them absent from daily use. For such scenarios IPS makes its technicians available on site at specific intervals, daily, or as often as a business and its instruments might require them. Customers whom opt for on site calibrations can expect the same level of care in calibration that our lab customers receive. Moreover, we can work onsite both during and after business hours so as to keep disruptions to a minimum. Accuracy is our number one goal at IPS and we deliver it no matter where we perform our work.

IPS Oscilloscope Solutions

Avoiding down time, errors, and risks is the goal of every business. Those that incorporate oscilloscopes into their operation must have their instruments calibrated at regular intervals to ensure that all of the aforementioned are avoided. Allowing instruments to lapse, even when there are no problems evident, can be costly and in some cases dangerous.

IPS employs a staff of experts that are educated and knowledgeable. Such technicians are capable of addressing the complexities of oscilloscopes and their calibrations. In our years of operation we have built and earned a reputation as the premier oscilloscope calibration service in all of the areas in which we operate. Furthermore IPS understands that every business and every oscilloscope has very different needs. We are flexible and can tailor our service around the unique needs of your operation.

Why Choose IPS?

There is something to be said of working with just one firm when your business needs its instruments calibrated, moved, reinstalled, disconnected, etc. At IPS we are equipped to handle off all your calibration needs, be them oscilloscope related or otherwise. Our staff works with precision and speed so as to ensure your business experiences no hiccups nor delays in its operation. Our accuracy is unquestionable as is our commitment to superior customer service. Our staff is personable, professional, and will treat your instruments with the same care and respect they would their own. Furthermore, we value customer satisfaction above all else and aren't happy unless our customers are. We are constantly striving to not only meet expectations and industry standards but exceed them as well. Contact us today for a free quote.

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