Megohmmeter Calibration Services

When you're dealing with electrical services and an electricians instruments perhaps none are more important than the Megohmmeter. Megohmmeters are used to measure the electrical resistance of insulators and as such must be accurate and precise all of the time. There is no room for errors when working with electricity.

IPS offers Megohmmeter calibration services in order to provide businesses and individuals with a reliable way to ensure that their instruments are in tip top working order all of the time. As calibrators we understand just how important it is to have tools on hand that measure accurately and how malfunctioning tools can negatively impact an operation.

On Site Calibrations

Because sending instruments out for calibration can be a time consuming process that slows or halts your work, IPS offers on site Megohmmeter calibration services so that your tools stay in the field and in use as often as possible. Our technicians can calibrate a Megohmmeter in the field with stunning precision and will have it back on the job quickly.

Our customers can request calibrations at regular intervals and may even opt to have one of our specialists remain on site every day for the duration of a project. Much like a musician that tunes his/her instrument in between every song, the latter option ensures that Megohmmeters perform at optimal levels and deliver the most reliable and dependable readings.

Laboratory Services

In order to provide its customers with the ultimate in calibration services, IPS operates 4 ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories in California. Located in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Carlos communities, these labs offer a level of care unobtainable in the field. Megohmmeters sent to one of our laboratories undergo rigorous and meticulous testing and calibration in turn providing our customers with the most comprehensive calibration services in California.

Megohmmeters can be shipped to one of our labs and can be brought directly to us by customers. Once they have been properly calibrated, IPS offers multiple different return options to its customers. These are designed to get instruments back in the hands of professionals as quickly and as safely as possible. Our services keep your systems running smoothly.

Whom Does IPS Service?

Megohmmeters are utilized by a variety of professionals across different fields. IPS works with businesses of all sizes, individuals, engineers, electricians, and technicians. Our services guarantee these people accurate insulation resistance readings from their instruments which in turn allows them to do their jobs properly and ensure both accuracy and safety.

Why Choose IPS?

IPS offers California businesses and individuals the most inclusive and scrupulous Megohmmeter calibration services in the state. The level of detail our team operates with is unprecedented and we customize our services to meet the very unique needs of every single customers. Furthermore our commitment to superior customer service and quick turn around time stands head and shoulders above those of our competitors. We aren't satisfied unless our customers are and we adhere to high standards of operation to ensure both quality of work and satisfaction. IPS is always happy to craft an exact solution for a customer and can even custom services to match the budgets of its customers.

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