Hygrometer Calibrations

Hygrometers are used in a number of different fields and play a very important roll in construction, conservation, measuring, and planning. Professionals whom utilize these tools depend on them to accurately measure the humidity and water vapor in the air, soil, and even confined spaces around them. As is the case with all other instruments, hygrometers must be calibrated at regular intervals if they are to continue delivering precise measurements.

At IPS we specialize in the calibrating of a large number of different instruments. When it comes to hygrometers our team delivers the ultimate in testing, calibration, and care. We regularly work with businesses both large and small as well as individuals, hobbyists, and everyone in between. Our services are customized to meet the very specific needs of every individual and business and are designed to get hygrometers back into service as quickly as possible.

On Site Calibrations

Businesses and individuals whom use hygrometers can ill afford to have said instruments out for calibration, especially for long periods of time. IPS understands this fact which is why our customers can request that one or more of our team members remain on site for constant and speedy calibrations. Our technicians can remain at a job site or office every day, for the duration of a project, or as often as a customer needs them. On site calibrations ensure that a businesses hygrometers not only remain on site and functional but deliver the most precise readings possible.

Laboratory Calibrations

Some instruments require a greater level of care that do others. As such, IPS operates 4 accredited laboratories in California. Hygrometers brought into one of our labs for testing and calibration will receive the utmost of care. Our laboratories contain all the equipment required for meticulous and sensitive calibrations. Furthermore, we provide our customers with a multitude of return options that ensure both quick and safe returns.

Working With All Brands

IPS is equipped to handle all manner of hygrometer calibrations. Our talented staff works with and restores hygrometers from virtually all manufacturers. Some of the more common hygrometers we receive come from Vaisala, Rotronic, Omega, VWR Scientific, and Control Company. These companies produce many different models of hygrometers and at IPS they will be well tended to.

Temperature Recorders Too?

Sometimes referred to as "temperature chart recorders", temperature recorders also fall under our hygrometer calibration services as these devices feature built-in hygrometer capabilities. These devices are used most frequently in the fields of botany, horticulture, heat treatments, and throughout the chemical industry. As is the case with all instruments these too can be calibrated both on site and in one of our labs.

Why Choose IPS?

At IPS we strive to provide customers with the most accurate calibrations possible. We adhere to high operational standards and place a heavy emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. We offer all potential customers free quotes in an effort to help them make the best decision possible as it pertains to the instruments they rely on. Our response and turnaround times are speedy so that our customers operations aren't delayed or even shut down while an instrument is out of service for calibration.

Our clients know and love our flexibility. We work with startups, Fortune 500s, and everyone in-between.

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