ISO-17025 Certification


International Process Solutions is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Please feel free to view our certificate and our scope of accreditation, provided here as pdfs.

The following is a summary of our accredited capabilities:

  • ELECTRICAL – source and measure voltage, current, resistance
  • DIMENSIONAL – measurement of diameter
  • THERMODYNAMIC – calibration of temperature sensing instruments
  • THERMODYNAMIC – humidity, generate specific humidity conditions at various temperatures

Here are specific examples of the applicability of our ISO 17025 accredited calibration capabilities:

We can provide TRACEABLE calibration of GE Kaye Validators, IRTD’s, SIMs, RH instruments used in thermal and RH mapping studies. Chambers such as these are widely used in the bio-pharma world, as well as the high-tech and semi-conductor industries.

We can perform accredited calibration of pin gauges, (including Deltronic pins), and diametrical measurements. This is of particular importance to medical device manufacturers and ISO registered machine shops.

Electrical parameters are widely used by a variety of industries. Our capabilities are well suited for calibration of DMMs, process calibrators, decade boxes, thermocouple readouts, and more.

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